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Has anyone taken a good look at the Wolf Brand Chili lately?

I would swear its got Soy Beans in it! I have been buying and eating

wolf brand chili ever since I can remember. But I have noticed tiny bits of what

looks like cheese bits but I know that is not what it is, in the chili now..

My guess is that it is Soy Bean Bits! Profits! I guess I will be making my

own chili from now.. What a Bummer.. It is things like this that put

companies out of business.. Look for yourself and see..

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I saw that as well. I did some research and found out it does have soy in it!

great. another meal I used to love but, will no longer eat because of gmo laden soy as part of the ingredients.

sigh, I remember when there was real meat and beans in that can...no added fillers. needless to say that won't be allowed in this house again!!!

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