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What is banquet chicken doing? I never expected it.

Bought a box of frozen chicken which before you would get Wings, thighs, legs in the box. for the same price i paid for what i got now. Four brest and the box said for five pieces. What is wrong with this company?

10.99 for the box. What happend to the wings, legs, and thighs? I'am not spending that much on this any more for what we get. I see it as a rip off.

Am i happy *** no! I wont need a refund as i will not buy their product any more unless they put these back in the box and leave the price the same. What you see here is four breast.

No legs, wings, or thighs. People need to pay attention to what they buy i've learned my lesson here.

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I also am not happy with BANQUET chicken I have bought boxes before and not satisfied open up and found small pieces breast bone breaded cant eat bone this has happened before not happy at all quality went down hill I remember having it before and had a nice mix of pieces now so small and not worth the money anymore!!!!!!! ONE UNHAPPY PERSON


is the skin of the banquet fried chicken cooked at all or is it practically raw?


Bought a box of chicken and was very disappointed 3 piece of chicken was expecting at least 6 pieces. Won't but anymore.

Columbia, Maryland, United States #1342068

I was very disappointed when I recently purchased a box of your Banquet Chicken and to my surprise, there were only four (4) pieces of chicken in the box. I paid $9.49 for four pieces of chicken.

I am trying to understand how you can increase your price and give us less. There were usually at least 7-10 pieces when I purchased this chicken before and the cost was less. And to make matters worst, the chicken does not taste as good as it has in the past.

Very disappointed. I used to love your chicken.


I will never understand how anyone can eat this cr@p!

Arvada, Colorado, United States #1284867

Sooooo disappointed. Bigger box and only 4 pieces. NO LEGS, which is the only piece I like.


I noticed the same think I'm going to return my box and never purchase this *** again

Richfield Springs, New York, United States #1263517

I agree they ruined it. But 4 *** are better than the 3 I got.

Farmington, Maine, United States #1260601

Bought a box of chicken. I did not get wing, legs, breast and thighs.

I got 4 pieces of chicken. I was not able to identify any of the pieces.

Is that what I can expect. I am disappointed.

Sterling Heights, Michigan, United States #1253777

Had the same experience with Banquet chicken. Just horrible.

This is not the chicken I used to buy when I was younger. The chicken LOOKED AND TASTED HORRIBLE, in addition to the box containing only four breast pieces, no wings, thighs or drumsticks.

This chicken used to taste awesome, they ruined a great product.

The coating used is more doesn't even look like chicken skin. Why have you ruined a childhood memory?!

Sorento, Illinois, United States #1246278

Why have stop chicken leg and thighs and corn

Carson, Washington, United States #1235646


Horrible, been years since we have had it, saw it in the freezer section, and even with the very high price and needing an easy dinner tonight, we purchased a box. We will never purchase it again, they downsized the amount of pieces, no white meat, if you could find meat under all the yucky thick coating anyway.

darn shame, I need a few easy meals nowadays, but Banquet meals will never be in our grocery cart.

Lincoln, Nebraska, United States #1231054

The new coating is terrible! We loved Banquet Chicken.......but they ruined it!


I agree 100 percent. All I get is 4 breast for 10.99.

I am so disappointed in this product now.

I used to love it. Not anymore.

Lansing, Michigan, United States #1183205

Worst chicken we ever had, no *** and unidentifiable mushy pieces, fed it to the feral cats. Won't by again, Banquet what the ***? :(


Yup they changed the chicken late last year, when it started coming in bags. Terrible.

And I can't find the Banquet fried chicken meals anywhere anymore.

The chicken also tastes different and is much more "goopy" than crispy, even in an oven. Hopefully profits take a nosedive and they return the chicken to its old form.

to Anonymous #1138763

We just threw away ours. Took a *** and it was horrible.

Gooey, soggy mess. Doesn't even taste like chicken anymore.

We used to buy it a lot....I will not buy it anymore. Wasted 10 bucks and we are all still hungry!!!!


Just happened to me too.Found your comment looking for there complaints dept


I would have been thrilled to get all breast meat as opposed to wings, thighs or drums... breast is the highest quality of chicken meat.

to Anonymous Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1219417

That is what I was thinking isn't that the best part of chicken meat.

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